Am my own man

I take no orders from anyone
Am sure to give none too
I respect the respect
If you give me respect
I make my own choices
And sure to live by the consequences
I choose to love or not
With my heart pure and brain sober
I rake trust from my foes
And slither in their shadows to slit their throats
I decide on what deity to believe in
Be sure to respect mine choice
I stand up for my family
And crushes however messes with them
I protect my brothers
It doesn’t matter what atrocities they commit
I form a cushion around my sisters
And rip any a spleen of a folk that rubs them the wrong way
I love my mama to bits
You got an opinion that’s your own
I got my old man’s back
Mess not with him on my watch
I pay my own bills
I don’t need to thank anyone for that
My daughter lives in me
Beware while trying to tresspass to her
I got my friend’s back always
Now you should know Uncle John taught me how to use a Magnum
I hunt during the day
And sit by the night fire to grill my kill
I read the world all the time
For I will remember how to live tomorrow
I make dreams from my past
For I will walk in them in the future
I read philosophy with zeal
For I will write about it someday
I do hide my emotions always
Society taught me be better a man
I create my own music playlist
That which heals my soul and connect me to men before
I eat food
It doesn’t matter who prepared
I love my gadgets
And will strangle myself if I tampered wit them up
I love life with ardent
For I am a man of my own

omotomusings © 2014


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