Stop hurting others and learn to appreciate genuine concern.


When we hear that somebody got hurt, what do we think? what comes to your mind? is it a child with a bleeding knee after falling off a tree while playing? someone screaming in pain after losing a limb to an accident? a nasty breakup? the feelings that come after? being dumped by your befriend? whats your definition of hurt? in this case, i will be taking about the emotional hurt.

Have you ever been hurt before? how did you feel? you felt lonely?  you felt like you cant trust anyone? most of react to being hurt differently but at the end of the day only one thing matters, you got HURT.

Good. so after acknowledging that you did hurt yourself or that somebody hurt you, what do we you next?

Its always part of the healing process that matters the most. many people lose themselves and their loved ones in their quest of looking for happiness. most people who love you and genuinely care about you will want to reach out to you and have you talk about it, express yourself, cry on their shoulders, tell them your story, anything to make  them feel good that they reached out to you, managed to help you and actually made you feel better.

Most people do not know the difference between loving themselves and being selfish inconsiderate and egocentric assholes after being hurt. you can not be hurting people who love you just because you want to be withdrawn, to be aloof or to simply just act cold hearted. Everyone has gone through shit at one point in life. i personally have been through some of the worst case scenarios in life bit i still manage to be optimistic. i still manage to pick my broken self up after all the crying and dying inside, the cursing, the anger, the regret and all that pain because you know what? at the end of the day. LIFE HAS TO GO ON.

If you are given love while hurting or recovering from a bad experience, love back, make someone be thankful that they loved your sorry ass even at your most moment.

This whole ladies being on some cold hearted shit and men scared to show emotions sucks.

What are we afraid of? being loved in a way that we cant love or what? are we afraid of having someone who wont give up on us no matter how shitty we treat them? do we fear meaning the world to someone even after playing with their emotions, cheating on them, treating them like trash while all they were doing is reaching out to us while we were busy being inconsiderate just because we were hurting?

Guess what, when someone genuinely loves you, THEY WONT CARE OK, at some point they will when you continue being an asshole but when we genuinely show remorse for our actions, they will forgives us and love us with the same ferocity they used to way back before we fucked things up.

This whole being selfish seriously sucks.

Spread the love.

Most people need it.



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