Love at first sight: how my prince charming turned into my worst nightmare.

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The first time i met him was on our first date in a local and less populated coffee shop two blocks away from my workplace. i risked having trouble with my boss for extending my lunch break but he had just flew in from  and i couldn’t resist the urge to meet him. i was a little bit nervous which was totally normal. I wished for somewhere more open and lively. like a bar or a club since naturally, i am an introvert who rarely speak unless situation requires me to. I was to meet him on that day and for sure i felt nervous.

He was tall, well built with an athletic body that screamed sex and lots of romance. although he looked a little bit older than my 20 year old self, he was sexy in a dark and dangerous way. i couldn’t take my eyes of him as he took long strides towards me.” oh God, hes mine, mine!,” I thought to myself as he neared my table.” you must be Nyelethi,” he inquired from me while placing a light kiss with no sexual overtones on my tight lips. anyone observing us from a distance would have assumed it to be a normal way of showing affection between two couples who were so much in love only that:

  • we were not in love (at least not yet)
  • we were strangers
  • he kissed me, on a first date!!

“yes,” i barely managed to whisper. we talked about everything and anything that came to our minds and before i knew it, i had consumed three cups of coffee, two plates of cake and had extended my lunch break with an hour.” Mr. Vashti is going to kill me,”I thought to myself as i hurried along corridors trying to come up with a lame excuse. we had agreed to meet later in the evening at a prestigious five star hotel in town. “girl, you just hit the lotto,” I told myself as i smiled, sheepishly looking at my computer. i snapped out of my short-lived daydream on feeling Mrs. Vashti shout at me, “get your ass back to reality woman!!” sigh. that’s how i survived everyday at VASHTI AND SONS co. a law firm.

Fast forward few weeks later, we were having sex at every given opportunity, in the car, in the bathroom, on our way to get some dinner, while watching a TV Channel, in his office, in the elevator, we just couldn’t stop! he was everything in ever needed in a man, the virility, the sexuality, his charisma, his charm. i was over the clouds for being able to get attention from him. he was mine and mine alone. i was convinced i was in love, after all, Drew was better than all of my, he was one rich dude.

Two weeks after quitting my job and moving into his house, (he owned a multi-billion dollar company that was well know for producing the best films in the world, at least that is what he told me), i found a used condom in his bathroom.” you know how these white people are, never wanting to share the same room with their partners,” i tried to console myself but i was still hurting. i was broken.i was devastated. i couldn’t stop crying.

He dumped me the very evening i asked him about the condoms and threw me out of his house at 2 a.m. i couldn’t believe it. that very day, i had discovered i was pregnant and i was to surprise him with the news, and now i had lost it all. i was blind to all his faults and that had been my undoing. he was not only older than me but also a drug cartel. he disguised himself as a film maker, hiding from the authorities his real self, that he was a drug baron.

A week later, he was arrested. testimonies in court became part of me. a local TV station did an expose about his private life and i ended up being known to the whole world as his mistress and a gold digger. that fool had a wife with three kids, the first born being my age but had kept it a secret from me. that not only damaged my reputation but it also made my family disown me. i officially became the black sheep. most of my friend deserted me. on one fateful day, i lost my pregnancy after slipping on a slippery floor on my  way to church. that completely killed my hope. i was ready to die for i couldn’t bear being this miserable. i spent a week in hospital since i could not pay for my own bill until a former ex came to my rescue.

sounds like a love story gone sour but sadly, most of our ladies go through all this. he comes to you. hes the perfect . saying the right things. doing the right stuff and pushing all the correct buttons until the real him blows up.

years later, after getting my diploma and graduating, i met Clinton to whom i have been married to for the past 4 years. he taught me what real love was. he taught me how to love again, he gave me hope in life and we had two beautiful babies. occasionally, i still think about Drew and wonder where i went wrong.

it still remains a puzzle to me. i mean,i don’t mean to be cynical but does love at first sight actually exist? or was i just blinded by things money could buy?




2 thoughts on “Love at first sight: how my prince charming turned into my worst nightmare.

  1. I’ve had to console myself and friends with the phrase: Every relationship is the wrong one until you’re in the right one. I don’t think you’re cynical unless we all are because most of us have probably been in emotionally painful relationships just because we believed in true love. Glad your life improved.


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